Talybont Food Assembly

A Talybont Food Assembly is going to be set up here soon – order online and then pick up food from local producers at Henderson Hall once a week.

This is how they describe themselves..

“Our Food Assembly is a local market where you pre-order your shopping online from a selection of fantastic local produce, mostly from within 28 miles of the village, and then once a week, you come and collect your goods directly from the producers themselves in a relaxed and friendly environment where we encourage you to stay and chat, learn about where
your food has come from, and have a drink on us. It’s a fresh way to do your weekly shop and a community hub.

If you love food and want to eat well and support your local farmers and producers, then join us today.

Becoming a member is easy and free, and there are no obligations or commitments, just follow the link in the comments below (same as our web link) and like this page for updates on the pre-Christmas launch date for our Food Assembly.

We look forward to meeting you and working together to create a better way to eat and shop locally.”

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