Latest project news

We have started work!!

The trim trail around the perimeter of the playing fields is finished with some new outdoor gym equipment. It’s great to see young and old using the new path with people strolling, cycling and running around it. It would be great to get some exercise classes utilising this outdoor facility so do let us know if you or anyone else could offer to run something.

Hoorah – The playground is now OPEN! It is looking great and please do go down with the family to enjoy the new equipment. The trim trail is also now finished and great for all ages to take advantage of a flat walk or cycle around the playing fields. With the community orchard planting apple trees around the edge of this space, it won’t be too many years before you can go and take a stroll and help yourself to an apple along the way!

Work has now commenced on the hall phase of the project. The internal work on the entrance lobby and kitchen are not finished and we are so pleased with them. The kitchen is really ‘wow’!!

The outside work is now really underway for the new Bike Hub, covered seating are for spectators and new external toilets. As the old outside loo is now in the building site we have provided a portaloo which we know isn’t that nice but better than having your legs crossed!!

It is all really exciting and we appreciate everyones patience as the builders continue to make headway with all the work. We hope to be finished by the beginning of September and the Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday 16th September. A village tea party for all local residents and some fun biking events to join in with. Posters and invites will be out soon.