Project Plan

There are 2 areas of the project: Henderson Hall and the playground and playing field.

The Hall

The flat roof will be insulated and resurfaced and rainwater harvesting installed. Solar PV will be redirected to a new hot water tank designed to reduce the hall’s dependency on expensive propane gas.

There will be improved disabled access from the pedestrian gate.

New facilities will be provided for cyclists encouraging them to use the hall. These will consist of a bike wash (using the rainwater harvesting), bike stands and a place to change with toilets.

Big Walk Bike Hub pic

A covered shelter will be provided with basic seating for spectators of  playing field activities with an easy access path around it suitable for the elderly, disabled and parents with young children.

Internally, the hall will benefit from a new disabled toilet in the front entrance and refurbished men and ladies toilets. A kitchen refit will make it more suitable for catering for large numbers. An additional air source heat pump will provide heating for the front entrance and toilets.

Playground and playing field

The playground will be completely replaced with modern equipment which supports a range of ages and abilities. Consultation with the community has shaped example designs with elements chosen by the children.

An accessible track will run around the perimeter of the playing field and will include a range of simple outdoor gym equipment. The walkway will be suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs and toddler bikes offering access to all the recreational areas within the field and will link to the canal towpath for greater public access.