Broadband in Talybont meeting – 27th June

Message from Peter Seaman

There is to be an opportunity to grumble to the Which magazine people at a special event being held in the Outdoor Centre, Talybont-on-Usk (that is the one on the right along Station road – what was the railway station) between 9am and 11.30am on Tuesday 27th June.

Please do try to get along.

Summary facts are:

  • BT Openreach Cymru indicated installation first by April 2015.
  • There have since been 7 (seven) broken commitments to deliver superfast to this village in the years since.
  • A meeting called by Kirsty Williams with the Welsh Government Business Minister present in Builth Wells last year failed to get any improvements although all the public without exception complained of broken promises.
  • The installation has clearly been mismanaged with spasmodic work by engineers and seemingly no coordination
  • The Wales wide installation is being funded by you and me – through taxes etc
  • The last promise by a BT Openreach engineer manager committed them to installing by end of April with orders being placed by us in May – a joke!
  • Try to emphasise the importance for rural business as well as for domestic users
  • I have looked at alternative connections (for example superfast wifi which can be provided now over 2 or 3 miles) but of the companies listed as approved to install, not one is interested in the Usk valley area, although this is a populous area with a likely high demand rate. One of these companies that can provide this is based in Llangynidr but despite phone calls and emails he has failed totally to respond.

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